Alicia Simmons Way

So sad right now… 

1 year ago on 23 Mar, 13 | 1 notes

How old is Bunny??

That’s a good question… I think she’s 6 years old or more.

1 year ago on 12 Mar, 13

I heard rumors that Mikey and Alicia broke up, and there are pics of him kissing another girl that look pretty recent. Do you know anything about that? =(

Well I found this :

I don’t really know what to think about it… What’s your opinion?

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Alicia posted on Twitter a new video of her cat Bunny with this message:

  • "Older, fatter, and WAY more lazy but the girl’s still got it!

Here’s the video ->

1 year ago on 18 Nov, 12 | 3 notes

This is Alicia’s new bio on Twitter: 

  • "ex touring guitartech/musician from the backwoods of Missouri. Volunteer paleo-nerd @ the la brea tar pits… And now looking to give pro-wrestling a try!"

So for those who were wondering what’s her job now, she’s a volunteer at the LA Brea Tar Pits & apparently she wants to do pro-wrestling.

1 year ago on 18 Nov, 12 | 13 notes

i think alicia is pregnant. in the video, when they make fun of her and mikey's last name, she goes like "oh, people make fun with me all the time, they say 'you should name your kid this or you should name your kid that'" and i can only assume she's either pregnant or planning to. hopefully this will happen, i'm not a huge alicia fan, but i can clearly see mikey as a dad [and, just between us, mikey/alicia fans, mikey is going to be a hotter dad than gerard, hahaha] :D

I also thought about that too when she talked about the kids! That would be awesome!! But only time will tell us ;)

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  • "Watch this weeks episode of Afterbuzztv (WWE-Smackdown) & u can see me nerd out &talk about wrestling for 50 mins. :)"

1 year ago on 12 Nov, 12 | 8 notes

I'm 200% sure that this is just me, but in the 'Sappy Moments' video Sarah did of their trip to Hawaii, I kinda noticed Alicia emphasizes she misses her dogs more than Mikey... She's like 'You know, I miss my husband... And I miss my dooooogs...'. But this is probably just me, you'll never know if she actually said it that way, but it's just what it feels to me...

It’s your opinion & I respect it :)

1 year ago on 5 Nov, 12 | 1 notes

When Mikey fell down in the 'Cemetery Drive' video [known as Way Down!] did Alicia write anything at her MySpace or something like that about him getting hurt? Because there was a comment saying she did, but I never found the post... Sorry to bother you with this... :/

You’re not bothering at all :) Well I’ve never heard about this, so I tried to find something on her Myspace but I didn’t find anything :/… I’ll keep on searching & if I find something I’ll let you know!

2 years ago on 18 Oct, 12